Canciones del rey leon en español

Canciones del rey leon en español


Romantic songs are never too much and this melody proves it, in its lyrics shines the connection between Kovu and Kiara, also, they make us see that they have difficulties because their families do not accept that love (you know, Romeo and Juliet style), but in the end, you know what? Love always prevails, doesn’t it? If you’re in love or in love, this song will be a perfect match. ♫ I was afraid, but today I understood, love is not bad and it never ends…♫

What’s up? Making this list was a bit complicated since the Lion King is my favorite saga of all Disney and choosing only 10 songs and listing them seemed like a titanic task, but it was successfully accomplished Do we agree on our lists or are they totally different? I’d love to read you and know what’s going on in your head.

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THE LION KING is an exceptional show, the result of the union of world-renowned musical and theatrical talents and the fusion of the most sophisticated disciplines of African, Western and Asian performing arts.

«I am very happy to be part of this magical adventure. I am very happy because in the theater you learn a lot of things while having a great time, and you also meet new and fun people».

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A week ago «The Lion King», the realistic adaptation of the Disney classic that was first released with cartoons in 1994 and captivated the hearts of thousands of children and adults, transcending generations, arrived in theaters in Argentina.

This Thursday 25th, exactly one week away from its premiere, Disney Latino released the official video of «Ciclo sin fin», which this time is performed by the young star of the Mickey Mouse industry, Sofia Carson.Carson is one of the biggest celebrities making content for Disney today. She starred in all three «Descendants» movies as the daughter of the Evil Queen, was in «Austin & Ally», and even participated in an episode of «Soy Luna» as herself.

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In addition, the musical structure would be different from what it had been until then in Disney. One composer, Hans Zimmer, would write the score. And another composer, Elton John, would write the songs with lyricist Tim Rice.  This pattern (score by a film composer, with the songs by a well-known pop artist) would be repeated more times, as in the case of Mark Mancina and Phil Collins for Tarzan.    We cannot forget that both soundtracks featured great voices as is the case of Lebo M.

In the 2019 version an adaptation was made with techniques that mixed real images and fiction. Again Hans Zimmer was responsible for the musical project, which also featured the likes of Beyoncé, Elton John himself, etc.

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