Super dink 350 abs

Super dink 350 abs

Kymco xciting 400 tcs

Entre las mejoras, incorpora una mayor capacidad de inclinación y un radiador más grande, para garantizar un correcto funcionamiento con un mayor rendimiento del motor. Además, monta de serie el avanzado sistema ABS de Bosch para garantizar una frenada eficaz y segura.

Kymco da un salto de calidad muy importante con el completamente nuevo Super Dink 350, que además se distingue por una renovada gama de colores. Este nuevo scooter recoge la fiabilidad y las reconocidas prestaciones de la exitosa versión anterior y mejora todos los aspectos clave para convertirlo, no sólo en un éxito de ventas, sino en un referente en el segmento por su calidad y prestaciones.

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KYMCO’s premium urban scooter. It has a high quality finishes both mechanical and plastic. Develops almost 30 hp of power, is characterized by good acceleration, smooth driving with a really low consumption that does not reach 4 L/100 km. This bike has plenty of room to go comfortable for both the driver and passenger and has cargo capacity under the seat for two full-face helmets.

A point in favor of KYMCO, is how economical is its maintenance and spare parts. This vehicle has periodic maintenance with a low cost for the customer and the advantage of having daily spare parts at the dealer without having to wait more than two days to have the vehicle repaired.


KYMCO has already in stores the 2021 version of its Super Dink 350 with engine adapted to Euro5 regulations. The KYMCO Super Dink, with its two engines of 125 and 350 cc. is one of the GT scooters with the best value for money on the market, able to meet the travel needs of urban or extra-urban users, those who travel distances of more than 40 km a day between home and work.

The Super Dink 350 model was the first KYMCO model to be equipped with the most advanced safety systems, with ABS anti-lock braking and TCS traction control systems. The rider has the confidence that the vehicle will respond instantly and safely to emergency braking situations, when speed sensors detect emergency braking (ABS), or a significant offset in the rotational speed of both wheels (TCS).

The most innovative Bosch ABS control unit on the market. Its system connects the front and rear brakes to shorten braking distance and provide stability. It consists of a three-piston caliper and 260 mm floating disc on the rear wheel; and a two-piston caliper with 240 mm disc on the rear wheel. All these elements contribute to develop a greater braking capacity. In line with safety, it should be remembered that Super Dink 350 has LED technology in the front and rear light clusters.

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The seat incorporates a hydraulic shock absorber for opening and prevents accidental closure. The compartment under the seat, capable of holding two full-face helmets, has an LED that is activated by a photosensor.

The comfort of the new Super Dink is evident at a glance. The double upholstered seat, combining the flexibility of the sidewalls with a rough, non-slip central fabric, adapts more naturally to the rider, even when stationary with the leg extended.

The passenger footpegs are another example of the exquisite attention to detail on the new Super Dink. A retractable aluminum piece of great width and length, with a rubber insert as a support surface, helps to dampen vibrations transmitted from the asphalt.

The Super Dink’s dashboard, through a combination of intuitive to read analog gauges and a backlit LCD central panel, offers extensive information to the rider, with many vehicle parameters always in real time.

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